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Doobie Whitehorn - Multi instrumentalist and singer/songwriter - Adelaide South Australia

South Australian based guitarist Doobie Whitehorn has honed his skills as a professional musician for nearly 30 years. From his electric live performances drawn from years of touring Australia with an impressive list of bands, to his songwriting and studio skills learnt from working with some of the best. This exciting combination has led to the realization of a project that Doobie’s fans have been wanting for a long time, his first solo album.

Being talked into doing this Album wasn't hard (over a couple of bourbons with a young metal band) and this seemed like a reasonable request, but to make it a bit more challenging Doobie decided to play everything live himself and record it in his own studio while it was still being built. The result is Touché, the first ever release of material with Doobie as the only musician.

3 years of work and the Album nearly completed saw the process interrupted when on the way to a gig Doobie was innocently involved in a near fatal high speed car accident. 12 more months would pass while recovering but finally in late 2009 the much anticipated Album Touché was released to the public and people had their first listen to what is a unique musical insight into the man that is Doobie Whitehorn.


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